Sunday, 25 November 2012

Cotton Tape Labels

Cotton "twill" tape Labels

As I've been making a few Viking Hats for people, I needed some labels to sew onto the inside. I also thought that I could attach labels to my necklaces. I started off hand-printing each character onto the cotton tape... The ink was faint and it took forever, and it was usually untidy. SO a few blogs recommended Tshirt transfer paper, and here are my results!

I bought some Cotton tape stuff that was bright white. I dyed it with a thin solution of beige dye to make it look more.. oldererer.

Little colourful rivets on either side
1) Look cool
2) Help keep the excess from fraying

So you'll be seeing these on any of my necklaces, hats, crochet items, or anything!


Friday, 2 November 2012

Halloweeeeen 2012!

The making of the Viking Hat

I used these patterns: (with a little artistic license)

Hat (with a few alterations)

Horns (made twice as big)

For the beard:

Crocheting the hat took about a day- including some hiccups with the pattern (start with 12 sts in magic ring)

Don't the horns look fab! One of my favourite forms, aesthecially. Plus, loving the colour gradient I totally planned and didn't just happen to have in my stash... They were a real joy to make, the pattern turned into a rhythm that was easy to memorise 

Horns rolled at bottom 2 or 3 rows, and stuffed.

Bloke wearing his Halloween costume for 2012. We visited the Hob Goblin Pub. And he drank Hob Goblin. I should have made him a Hob Goblin costume... Next year.

In total the Viking hat took me about 3 days... Which isn't bad! I could wriggle that down to 2 days, maybe even a day and a half if I stapled the crochet hook to my hand permanently. 

My Costume

 I made a witches hat but I never wore it as part of my costume.

This was my costume. Spider. Web. Hat.

I sort of winged the spider pattern. (If spiders had wings I think arachnophobes would crumble into a corner and whimper for the remainder of the Winged Spider World Domination) 


Unfortunately I do not have a good enough picture of my costume on.
This little spider will now by my practical joke for the year. Or however long it lasts. I think it could last a while... 

All for now!