Friday, 2 November 2012

Halloweeeeen 2012!

The making of the Viking Hat

I used these patterns: (with a little artistic license)

Hat (with a few alterations)

Horns (made twice as big)

For the beard:

Crocheting the hat took about a day- including some hiccups with the pattern (start with 12 sts in magic ring)

Don't the horns look fab! One of my favourite forms, aesthecially. Plus, loving the colour gradient I totally planned and didn't just happen to have in my stash... They were a real joy to make, the pattern turned into a rhythm that was easy to memorise 

Horns rolled at bottom 2 or 3 rows, and stuffed.

Bloke wearing his Halloween costume for 2012. We visited the Hob Goblin Pub. And he drank Hob Goblin. I should have made him a Hob Goblin costume... Next year.

In total the Viking hat took me about 3 days... Which isn't bad! I could wriggle that down to 2 days, maybe even a day and a half if I stapled the crochet hook to my hand permanently. 

My Costume

 I made a witches hat but I never wore it as part of my costume.

This was my costume. Spider. Web. Hat.

I sort of winged the spider pattern. (If spiders had wings I think arachnophobes would crumble into a corner and whimper for the remainder of the Winged Spider World Domination) 


Unfortunately I do not have a good enough picture of my costume on.
This little spider will now by my practical joke for the year. Or however long it lasts. I think it could last a while... 

All for now!

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