Friday, 27 September 2013


Bit of a makeover. Website built from scratch over a few days. New ish Logo. Nice new font. New business cards. New stalls booked. New glass designs. New glass. New Kiln. Lots of tea with lots of milk and sweetener. New Desk. New area. New people. Old shed. Reclaimed stuff. Finding a job. Making glass. Studying for qualification. Battling with "The Wall". Battling anxiety and CFS.

So lots going on. 

At this very moment, I am constructing a "master" listing type page layout for all of the items on my website. The pictures might be big enough. The space for descriptions might be big enough. I can hide this "master" layout on a page unconnected to my website navigation, so that I can only access it from my website builder. And you could too if you knew the address. But I won't tell you. muahaha. I can then copy and paste this into each item page, then I just replace the text and images in the gallery. Sounds simple, right? I might have to do that little routine over 100 times for all the things I have in my website. Good thing I'm self employed!!! This will bring me business this will bring me business this will bring me business

THEN I've got to do the same for Etsy. Little bit simpler, as all the boxes are in the right place, and once I've listed something it will stay on there, but copying and pasting everything might hurt my little ctrl c and v fingers.

Little rant over. See you on the other side!!!! I'll update facebook when all the many listings aree up. You can still look around my website, except not all thumbnails will have an associated "description page".

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